Saturday, 27 February 2010


*Sigh* . here's my version of shadow thistles 'bored in the library' story.
'HELP!' The urgent message came from Autumn's good friend Jakob. She was surprised. What could make a grandmaster ice like Jake call for help? She wondered. Only one way to find out. She thought and ported. When she arrived in The Crystal Grove she saw what was wrong: three icy spiders and one Lava Weaver had grabbed Jake into battle.
'Thanks,' He said as he frantically cast a Tower Shield. Looking around at the spells already cast Autumn saw one of the major problems: Ice Shields. The Lava Weaver had cast them on itself AND the Ice Layers, adding to the Resist a shield. As she glanced down she saw that Jake's health ran down to 1200/2700. quickly she passed, then passed again.
'What the heck do you think your doing?' Jake asked. 'DO SOMETHING! HEAL ME OR ATTACK!'
'Thats what I'm trying to do.' she responded and gave a whistle. All of a sudden a field of strawberries grew up in the middle of the battle, among them a Satyr cheerfully playing his Reed Pipes. ' Hey Autumn!' it said as it waved, 'how you doing?'
Autumn grinned at her friend Grover. 'Good but I'd like it if ya got on 'N' healed 'im,'
'sure thing.' A all of a sudden the tune on the Reed Pipes changed. And as Grover began dancing, Autumn noted that his curly hair barely concealed his Satyr's Horns. And she bagan to sing to the tune of the Reed Pipes:
'i met a maid that went a-milking or a-milking so she said. this maid her name was dolly clothed in a gown of red, sing how-da-do and how-da-do and how-da-do again ....'
After the battle was over Autumn raced to the side. She threw down her broom and began climbing the Crystals. Jakob stared at her for a minute then shrugged and flew up to join her looking at the rocks.
That was when she lost it.
THATS IT! she thought bitterly, I'M NOT STANDING FOR THOSE STUPID WINGS ANY LONGER! She quickly raced down the Crystals, mounted her broom and took off.
when autumn arrived at her destination (at last) she slowed and hopped off her broom, then went over to ashley the fire tree.
ashley smiled at her and offered a long branch with a flower at the end' hello dear,'
autumn, knowing this was ashleys way of greeting her favorite balance student smiled back and plucked the flower, before tucking it into her hair.
autumn glanced behind her to see Charles zooming up. she sighed then ran into the fire school. (however nice charlie was where she was chase was and she had no intention of listening to the heaven and hell twins) she went to the front and took her favorite seat. unlike most students who preferred to sit towards the back and avoid getting their books getting showered in sparks from the forge autumn liked to sit in the front row where she could see the f0rge best.
but this time as she walked toward the front she saw something she had never seen before. there was a man working at the forge. as she drew nearer she examined him and his work.
the man was short, (or did he simply hunch over his work?) with autumn was surprised to see a long grey beard, huge muscles, a crippled leg held in a brace and an eye like Merle Ambrose's.
the mans work was a long, narrow, purple-and-gold sword. it was beautiful and autumns breath caught slightly as the man held it up, examining it, shining in the light.

Friday, 26 February 2010

*Sigh* I guess I'll post

Ok, I have no IDEA what this post is going to be about. OK actually I do. It's gonna be preeety boring so you may as well just not bother with reading it. It's mostly just gonna be me ranting on and on about life*. Ugh. In in science we made rollercoasters! Also I need a (preferably eager) volunteer to take my fire Char to MS(for you noobs thats short for MOoShu). I hate the fact that my Mom (wait should that be a cap?) refuses point____ to get me crowns :-(. I also need help. I am going to get a new house and cant decide between Life, Fire, and the big DS**.
*no not Life LIFE!
**DragonSpyre for noobs

Sunday, 7 February 2010

new news

i am now a level 45 sorcerer, and now play under these names:
Paul GriffinRider (8)
Diana UnicornSinger (15)
Nora Drake (15 YAAAAAAAAY!)
Autumn OwlGlade (45)
and Destiny SpiritWhisper (8?).