Monday, 13 December 2010

you call THAT Medusa?

check it out:

DUDE THAT IS KAMPE! Here let me list the ways this thing is Kampe, not Medusa:
*Serpant waist thing
*two swords(with posion. hehe)
*tied back hair
And, to make up for that horrible picture I am going to put up a really, really funny video for those HP fans out there:

happy watching/laughing!

Sunday, 12 December 2010

Friday Night=Records=worlds biggest hit on Foulgaze EVER??

woot! yeah, so Friday niight Cody and a girl Cassandra, and I went and did a 7,000 hit on Foulgaze. Check it out:

and here's a picture of about half the traps we put up on 'im:

It would've done more, but Cody forgot and discarded his Prism, so the Myth Traps didn't get activated. Ah, well. and OH YEAH! he used NO TREASURE CARDS! Cool huh?

I'm also thinking about doing something later on in the year of 2011. If you support Israel, please join me in supporting Gilad Shalit. Gilad was captured by the palestinians in 2006 and still has not been released. The Israeli solider is 24 years old, and possibly the only person in Gaza who does not have all of their needs seen to. hre is a brief invitaion to soemthing that does not have a date yet:
where: Commons, unknown realm yet
when: sometime in 2011
why: to support Gilad Shalit, captured Israeli soldier
what to wear: white and blue(colors of Israeli flag)
there will be: dancing, generally trying to get people to support Israel. I got the idea from a video of a bunch of people getting together and dancing to the song 'One Day' on Gilad's birthday, to support him. If I could I would play the song 'Keep Holding On' by Avril Lagigne. As it is there will be people singing it. :)
Happy dancing!

Thursday, 9 December 2010

Last Night You Were Calling Me Sayin' Ya Want Me..

Oh why you always make me feel like I'm the one that's crazy? You feel my heart racing...(music fades into backround)speaking of lasy night, I took some pretty funny pictures and dressed up as Judah Macabee. for those of you who don't already know, Judah Macabee fought against the Greeks. He and the rest of the macabees defeated them and then went back to their temple (MY temple) to discover the Greeks left only enough oil pure to last for a few days-they didn't have enough time to get more before the oil ran out-but then guess what! (boy, I needya here with me. I can't go on this waaay! I'm fallin' hard for you..)
The oil lasted for 8 days, long enough for a runner to come back with more. So, since Felix Navidad has arrived in the spiral, I dressed up ad Judah Macabee(which wasn't easy) and made a Hanukiah, which I will turn into a Menorah soon. on a side note, check our the pictures below. See 'em? OK. Now look at the one with my stats. See? See that level? (#song endds and new one starts# for those who don't know me I can get a bit crazy..)WOOT! UH HUH O YEAH UH HUH, OH YEAH!!!
(everyguy everywhere just gives me mad attention, always gets a 10..)
I'm also redecorating Paul's Oasis camp,so his back room looks more like the Poseidon Cabin. and O MY GODS THAT FOUNTAINS SCONCE THINGY FROM CL IS HUGE! Its WAY bigger (I can't be TAMED! I can't be BLAMED! I can't be, can't be I CAN'T BE TAMED..)than I thought, so it takes up like an eighth of the room. Wow. When it's done I'll post more pictures. Here, Be content with these right now. :)

happy decorating/gardening/oh never mind, you know what I mean.
(I go through guys like money flyin' out their hands.They try ta change me but they realize they can't..)
(Music continues# I wanna fly, I wanna drive I wanna go, I wanna be a part of somethin' I dunno..)
Oh never mind, I love this song anyway.

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

the good: new computer. the bad: rules. the irritating: no microsoft word

i got a new computer on sunday. :) i dont have word on it yet though, so i cant write anything other than a blog. sorry i haven't been posting, i've been testing out mynew PC and finishing Majora's Mask (AHHHHHH! I'M SCARED OF THE TIKI THINGS AT TRADER JOIES! ITS THE HAPPY MASK SALESMAN!!!) Seriuorsly, that 'happy mask salesman' gives me the heebbie jeebies. HES FREAKY LOOKING!!LOL.
i *did* come up with a new story though. heres the beggning of it:
it's amazing how wrong first impressions can be. and how right. most people think of me as a Jew. to new yorkers i'm a marylander. to israelis i'm amercian. to marlybonians im a wizard. to most of the spiral folk im from earth. to my classmates in balance im crazy,off balance. to my hebrew school classmates im homeschooled. to normal people im weird. to my friends im hilarious. to enigneers i must be stupid, but to idiots im confusingly smart. to my teachers im a troublemaker. to mortals im a know it all who reads too much. to legendarys im a newbie grandmaster level 52 and to apprentices and even adepts im practically EPIC.
they all have it wrong.
im not a jew. im not a marylandere. im not homeschooled, and im not crazy. im neither a wizard nor a earthian. im not a troublemaker either. im not confusing, and i most certainly am not dumb, even if i am quiet. and, i really *DO* try not to be a know it all or smart alec. i just hate it when people misuse words or have a poor vocabublary.
if you're wondering what i AM here it is: i am a self taught, south Carolinian-with-the-manners-of-a-new-yorker, ashkanazi, author who writes fantasy-historical fiction.

side note: do you get who im sicribing here? huh? do ya? no? hint: shes balance. another hint: her names autumn owlglade.
XD all i came up with for now.

Friday, 3 December 2010

I am Wearing My Skull Shirt And My Newsboy Cap :)

Very RaNDoM title, I know. but that's who I am! Someone completely RaNdOM! anyway, I finished Cloak and Dagger part one, (The Iron Dagger) and will soon be going on to write part two: Cloak of the Selkie. but first I'm going to write part one of seven of Guardians of Celestia. Guardians of Celestia is something that's been forming in my head for while now. I don't know exactly how long the idea's been there, but it started either when i read the Celestia was coming out or when I finished reading The Last Olympian. Each of the parts is told from the point of view of one of the seven main characters. Here's info about them, but I don't have all the names or ages for sure yet. :)
at 17 Paul is the oldest, but he doesn't always act like it. He studies Conjuration, and his father has taught the level 35 boy EarthQuake already. He's the Guardian of Loyalty, and some say he would sacrifice the world to save a friend. his motto is "without loyalty and friendship there's no point of existing" and he tries his best to live up to it. his dad's Medisius, god of the sea.
Britney is 17 to, but she's a few months younger than Paul, even though she acts a lot older and wiser than she actually is. And with good reason to: her school is Balance, and she's the Guardian of Wisdom, Strategy and Knowledge-that's a big responsibility. few people want nothing more than knowledge, even if it's the knowledge of where a treasure is buried. Her mom thinks that too much knowledge is bad though, and never teaches the level 37 girl any Master spells the way her rival, Paul's dad does. Britney's motto is "Even strength must bow to wisdom sometimes" and constantly reminds everyone that it's true. her mom is Rebbisha'a, goddess of wisdom.
Nick(or possibly Caleb) is the group's Necromancer. he's been through a lot though, so don't be surprised if he sounds older than his 16 years-if you hear him talking! Nick's pretty quiet, and sometimes its like he's invisible. the level 32 boy is a bit of a loner, and mostly hangs out with zombie warriors and wolves. he's the Guardian of Death, and has picked up a few fighting tricks a long the way. his motto is "Don't hold grudges, and live life because before you know it you'll be dead" and sometimes has some trouble trusting people. his mom is Loanra, goddess of death.
Storm is 15 and her name says it all-this level 30 diviner is Guardian of Power. Her mom is Half Vision, goddess of Time, so unlike others she can really Divine. She caught a glimpse of her death, and ever since then her mottos been "power is meant to be used by its bearer. never give away your power, and if the deal seems too good to be true, it is."
Awiti is a 15 year old pyromancer. her mother, Zahe'ra, goddess of the forge named her well-among her gypsy people she was thrown out for being a lone survivor of a fire while living with non-gypsies she is still seen as part of the culture that abandoned her. her name means 'thrown away',and that's what the Guardian of Fire was. her motto is this: "if you think you're wrong and your people are right, then its probably vice versa".
those are all teh ones i'm posting for now. bye! :)