Thursday, 6 May 2010

tour of camp half blood

that boy was a dragon untill i put him in the shard bank ... it seems a little ood doesnt it? but i dont care. now i have my very own 'pet' demigod! i named him conner.

hmm i need a telescope from the athena cabin.
BUT WAIT! ........ There's more.
yes i know i dont do shapespeare scum very well but still ... this is not finished. camp half blood is a work in progress and this is the first post of many that will have update on the construction. if you recall the the last Olympian crow noes (aka kronos. its a sandwhich!) almost destroyed it.
so what does this have to do with wizard101???
my brothers character is ... ALL HAIL PERSEUS JACKSON SON OF NOPE TUNE! yes he based his char on a fictional/greek hero.