Friday, 25 March 2011

Sorry, I'm quitting this blog

See, I'm not really into Wizzys anymore. I'm obsessed with 2 games-LoZ and GSm. (Legend of Zelda and GamStar Mechanic). write now (excuse the pun) I'm writing a story called DreamWakers, my first try at writing romance. Here's the beginnning:

Chapter 1/3
“My lady.” the voice startled Midna. She had been busy thinking of the Knight from the Light World, Link and what would happen when he returned there.
“Yes Tatelyn?” she asked her head priestess.
“It seems to me that you worry over lack of contact with Sir Link when he returns to the Light World.”
Midna was puzzled. How did Tatelyn know of this? But of course Tatelyn would know such things. Word spread like wildfire in the Eclipse Court, and the princess of Twilight being in love with a knight from the Light World would be rich gossip at any court gathering. “Yes Tatelyn,” Midna replied quietly. “I am.”
“Well,” Tatelyn paused and then rushed on. “I may have something that can help you.” she reached into a drawer of her desk, opened up a secret compartment, and pulled out....two necklaces. But when Midna looked at the things, she saw what was so special about them.
They were made from a fine silver, which was polished to shine mirror-bright. When placed together they created a pattern: a star encircled in a triangle. Midna picked up the two pieces and began to put them together, but-
“No!” Tatelyn cried, “don't! When Link leaves for the Light World, give him one half. Before you separate, place them together.”

Chapter 2/3
“Link.,” Midna whispered.
“Yes?” replied Link, just quietly.
Midna responded only by pressing one of the necklaces Tatelyn had given her into Link's hand. He looked down at it. Midna's pale hand guided his to her own necklace , which hung from her throat. Link understood at once, and placed his to Midna's. There was a flash of light, and-nothing happened.
“What did we just do?” asked Link very quietly, almost afraid to speak.
“I don't know. You'll have to ask Tatelyn.”
...and then he smiled, and his lips brushed hers in a gentle kiss. And she kissed him back, and they held each other in a warm embrace...
Midna broke free, even though she didn't want to. “You should go,” she whispered sadly. Link nodded.
“You're right,” he replied. “I should.” Link looked through the portal, and then back at Midna. A silent message passed between them as Link stepped through the portal and gazed back at his love, now a world apart.
“you're sure you want to do this?”
“yes. I don't belong in your world.”
“I could stay here.”
“You belong here no more than I belong in the Light.”
“I hope we meet again. Perhaps there is another Mirror.”
“If there is, we should destroy that one also. Is that not the reason for destroying this one? The danger of the... Beasts?”
“Yes. Yes, it is. I am sorry. Good-bye my love.”

“Link. I...” Midna gulped, trying to make her lips form the words, “I love you” but her lips betrayed her. “See you later.”
and with those final words, Midna threw out her hand, breaking the Mirror, the seemingly only barrier, and yet the only connection between her world and her Link.

Wednesday, 23 March 2011


wow, link is LUCKY! By that, I mean that I was working on Luke, and I collected both Runed Skull and 'any clues' on teh first try! Let's just hope I have as much with the Warhorn Pass (*knock on wood*[or, in my case, a tree])

Hehe! At anyrate, I have been playing GameStar Mechanic, a website ALMOST as fun was wizzy where you make games for your friends to play. sadly, they are not very complicated games, but I'm trying to re=create some of the LoZ games anyway. :D oh yeah-and, in edition to being unable to TYPE caps us textees can now not SEE caps, either. lovely.

Autumn is STILL sitting in the science center waiting for some help (Not that I'm complaining. that place has AWESOME music) and Percy needs help in the cat herding quest where you chase Meowiarty and defeat a bunch of pointless bosses. oh, and check out this website here to see most of my stories clumped together. that's all for now,
Happy reading!

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

I miss the old Wizard101.

Before you have to buy your way up the game.

Before wings.

Before "Themed Housing"

Before advanced pets.

Before Celestia.

Before crafted houses.

Before they took our caps.

Before you needed a MFP to "be cool"

When everyone walked.

When the gossip was of exciting new worlds-NOT the loss of caps.

When your rank was based off of your level, not your equipment.

When real friendships existed.

When we paid for the best houses, equipment and with gold.

And we paid for them with patience.

When experience was bought through friendships, patience and treasure cards rather than crowns.


When Open Chat was a privilege, not a right.

When SUBSCRIBING was a privilege, not a right.

When people farmed the Jade Oni every moment of the day, laughing about what they hoped to gain.

When Edward IceSpear had a chance of collecting all the pets.

When XD was not dorky, looked down upon or impossible to say.

When Quests were solo-able.

Share what YOU miss in the comments!

Happy farming!

Thursday, 24 February 2011

REAL Links (crosses out link and write in men) wear pin-

(crosses out, frowns and writes in 'play my little pony')
I know, I know you're wondering WHAT ON EARTH I am doing at MLP.(not to be confused with MFP, massive fantasy palace)well, friendly talked a bit about it awhile back so i went over to check it out.
....ATM i am making a character who I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT TO DO FOR A LAST NAME! His first name is Luke. No, not THAT luke! a good luke! a luke that wears a dress and tights, and shoots scorpions in the eye-claw! (click if you don't get the joke)
anyway, here is a story i have been working on. :)
the throne room was of mother-of-pearl walls inlaid with lapis and a green marble floor. Mist swirled around the floor and obscured a octagon shaped indent with steps leading down. In the indent were six thrones, three of them raised slightly. Among the mist people stood. An old woman sat by a brazier in the center of the indent, tending the flames. A man holding a drum whispered in a musical voice to his neighbor, a woman in a flowing dress, holding a black cloak that sparkled like the stars. The only man or woman not crowded together was a middle-aged woman in a plain, brown short sleeved dress that trailed on the ground. The only adornment she wore were golden beads in her long black hair and a circlet of silver. A pair of wings of light faded in and out behind her.
“We must strike them down at once!” cried a red haired woman standing in the indent. She wore leather armor and amethyst earbobs. As she spoke she clenched her gauntlet-clad hands and paced in front of the thrones.
“Careful Macabe'ena,” cautioned a woman on the right throne that was raised. “There may be a rational reason they are neglecting our sacrifices and laws. We mustn't jump to conclusions.” she had blond hair so pale it looked almost white and pale skin. Her eyes were a strange color: silver.
Macabe'ena laughed. “Easy for you to say, Halia! After all, you're the one ruling over all these unruly gods! You have no freedom to wonder the earth below and see the disobedience happening everywhere! People-priests, even!- kneeling to powerful mortals! Temples to the SkyDancers in disarray! Moldy food and wilting flowers sitting on the altar! Go down to earth Halia, and then tell me not to destroy these mortals.”
Halia gasped slightly, and raised her cupped hand. A ball of blue flame formed in her palm.
“Halia,” said a woman standing by the thrones. Her wildly curly hair was so dark it almost, but not quite looked black. She had a strong nose and piercing, yet warm brown eyes. She laid a calloused hand on Halia's room. “Be careful. She is the goddess of war, my Lady. In a battle she would crush even you.” slowly, Halia curled her fingers around the ball of flame, dousing it. “You're right Rebbisha'a. I have let my pride and dignity blind me to the truth.”
Rebbisha'a stepped out to where Macabe'ena was standing. Her footsteps echoed through the hall. There she stood, the goddess of wisdom wearing a black peasant dress with a silver vest, next to the leather-clad war goddess. “Now,” she said. “I move that we ask Half Vision what to do.” she finished, referring to the goddess of Fate and Time.
The black haired, bearded man on the middle raised throne raised his hand. “I, Medisius, king of the gods, second this motion.” he said in a deep voice.
“I, Zahe'ra, Lady of the Forge also second this motion.” said a copper-haired woman sitting on one of the lower thrones.
“As do I, Avani, Gardener of Earth.” added a blond, green eyed woman on the throne beside Zahe'ra. She wore loose yellow-brown-gold pants and a forest green scarf tied around her waist. Her top was sleeveless, with a v-neck and a circle at the base of the V.
“And I, Isra Protector of the Night.” a black haired woman with one gray eye, one blue. She sat on the other side of Avani, and she wore a loose black skirt and a tight black top. Attached to her wrists and the tips of her middle fingers were loops, holding up a black piece of silk that looked almost like wings. Tied around her hips was a pearly piece of fabric with golden coins dangling from it.
“Then the motion is made.” this came from Medisius, hi sea green eyes studying the woman on the last throne intently.
She had gray hair, but she did not look old. Instead, her hair was gray mixed with brown and black. Two wolf ears poked up from her hair. She was neither young nor old; she had a face that seemed timeless. Her skin was tan, and, like Isra, her eyes were mismatched. Her right eye was gray and murky, making it look almost blind and her left was brown.
She was Half Vision, Guardian of Fate. She was goddess of Time and Wolves, Fate and Choices, Past and Future, Present and Storms. With her left eye she saw what had been, with her right she saw what may be, and together combined her two eyes saw what was.
“You wish for me to Divine?” her voice was silky and calming.
“Yes mother,” replied the woman with gold beaded hair and a silver circlet.
Half Vision nodded and crossed her legs, then begane rocking back and forth and murmuring. “Nants in go yama.. hega yam pe aga... me no chatz kaji..” Its seemed as if the room itself were holding its breath.
“I see an earthquake, now a volcano erupting and a great dragon swooping down..a flood, Tempest..a meteor crashing, now a Forest Lord of Mooshu coming... a skeletal dragon of ice giant coming and freezing everything...wait. A girl and a boy.. she falls, and a Tempest comes..or... another girl... she is sitting by a volcano.. she goes inside a cave in the erupts..yes.” Half Vision seemed to come out of a trance “I have Seen,” she said. “Through Fire or Water the people of Celestia shall meet their end.”
at once, all the gods began arguing, each speaking out their point at the same time as the others. But Halia held up her hand her hand for silence, and an utter quiet blanketed the room, everyone gazing at her. “Zahe'ra,” Halia said when all the attention was on her. “Rebbisha'a, Half Vision, Vestima, Loanra, Avani, and,” she added. “Unfortunately, Medisius, my husband. How long has it been since you have last been to the earth?”
Chapter One

Awati gazed at the lame man pounding away at the iron on her anvil. “Father,” she asked. “Is it true none of my brothers and sisters can breathe Life into the metal or withstand fire?” but the god Hephaestus did not answer...

Brittany gazed up at the stars of Ravenwood from her bedroom window. She loved the stars, to bad there wasn't an astrology class here. She wrinkled her nose at the song she had stuck in her head, and began singing it beneath her breath. “if I die young, bury me in satin. Lay me down on a, bed of roses, sink me in the river, send me away with the words of a love song...

Storm cupped the crystal ball Balestrom had given her. “You are rare, Storm,” he had said. “Take this crystal ball gaze into it. Deep into it, as you would a person whom you were studying.” and so she did, and gradually the white fog inside took the shape of a misty green and mother of pearl room with many, many people...

QuickSilver plucked a wallet from someone's purse, and ran on light feet back to his hiding spot. The rich Medevian would not notice until he reached his home. He opened it up, and gasped. Instead of gold and silver coins as he had expected, but amulets to keep from being seen and getting sick. This could prove very, very useful, if only Nick knew about this...

Robin looked down at her weaving. Why must she always go off pattern? Her Krokotopian teacher wasn't strict at first, but if Robin kept repeating the same mistakes the woman's patience wore thin. Robin sighed and began unraveling...but wait. If she looked at it from a different angle it looked as if she had begun weaving the Ice symbol into her fabric...

Nick wrestled against the two guards furiously. Too late-he might be fast but these guys were strong. Even if he managed to escape their grip he had no chance of getting away. Now he'd have an angry black T on the base of his left thumb. Idiot, he thought. Shouldnt've tried nicking the rolls when I knew there were guards there. I hope Silver's got a good catch. He added, I'm certainly not getting it, and we've barely eaten the past few days...

Chapter Two
being one of the Seven is not fun.
Until I started at RavenWood I was just a poor Eriniolish boy growing up in MarlyBone. Once I joined the Seven I ended up destroying a world as we knew it. Like I said, not fun. Probably the only good thing about being one of the Seven is that I finally found someplace I could fit in. here's my life in a nutshell.
I don't know much about my past. I grew up in a family of wizards from Erinolia, a world off of Marlybone. Not many know about it. Ever wondered where the gangsters of MarlyBone came from? No need to wonder any longer. I grew up in a three-room tenement in Chelsea Court. There were two beds: one for my parents and one for my six sisters. I slept on the couch. My mother was a herbmage, and my father was an archeologist studying ancient Celestia. I had six sisters, Scarlet the Theurgist, Fallon the Thaumaturge, Electra the Necromancer, Alexis the Diviner, Morgan the Pyromancer and Kayla the Sorceress, all with bright red hair. Me, I was the Conjurer in the family, but I never was really interested in history. When I was little my father brought home a copy of The Book of Schools and Secrets, the book that tells you what school of Magick you are in RavenWood. I took the quiz and it said I was Myth. As an herbmage, it also helped Mum do spells she'd had trouble with in the past. She was so proud when Scarlet started out at RavenWood. Never had enough power to go there herself, so I s'pose she was just happy her daughter could.
Like I said, all my family had odd features for Merlybonians. They weren't dogs or cats or, (gods forbid) rats, but they ain't exactly quite human either. Scarlet had a pair of black and white cat ears and a matching tail. Morgan whinnied like the family horse when she was happy or excited or amused. Fallon's hair stood up an' she growled when she was angry. Alexis had eyes as sharp as a hawk's, even in the dark and had a long, almost hooting laugh. Electra had an unnatural gift for music; she made whatever song she played or sang beautiful no matter how bad the original and never wanted to do what Mum asked her to, and when she did she sang songs Mum hated under her breath. And Kayla was Kayla, as good with machines as she was with people, fixing anything that was broken, going crazy if she had nothing productive to do.
Me? I have black rebellious hair that made me stand out in the photos of the family of nine, eight of 'em with red hair. I've always had kinda dark skin compared to everyone else in the GriffinRider family and small ears. I can hold my breath for ten minutes underwater, and can never seem to get wet enough. That’s pretty much my life. So, yeah, on to the story.
“come on Paul we need to get there early enough for you to enroll!” begged Scarlet. I began gulping down my oatmeal. Today was my thirteenth birthday. My first day at Ravenwood. As soon as I was finished, fourteen year old Kaylee whisked my bowl and began washing it.
“Paul, you'd better go change into your uniform now. Electra put it on ya' bed.” knowing Electra she'd prolly “put it on my bed” by tossing it onto my pillow without a moments thought, I told myself. But I nodded and went into the living room-sure enough, the -clearly-folded-by-Mum-for-sheer-neatness novice uniform in my favorite colors-dark blue and dark green-was lying carelessly on the couch along with my shoes. I picked it up, and put it on. The cotton felt light and comfortable.
hope ya like it!
ps: oh yeah. i went to see the doctor today and she said i have bronchidis, so i might be playing weird hours. dont be surprised.

Tuesday, 25 January 2011


THE FIRST PART OF LIGHTNING THIEF IS OUT! WOOT! To watch it go here. We're going to film the Lotus Casino next. when, you ask? here is the invitation:
when: jan 30, 3:00-5:00 pm, eastern.
why: because um... THERE ARE SO MANY REASONS! GAH!
*Scarlet GriffinRider's birthday
*Wise Sorceress' birthday
*MY birthday
*FINALLY starting filming the movie
*to film the lotus Casino
*groundhogs day
ok! there will be: dancing! youtube! tours!
where: my massive fantasy palace, filming will be on floor one. when i say to be quiet or be sent away, i'll mean it. if you be quiet, tehn you'll be on youtube. if you don't, you get sent away. real simple. teleporting buses will be through Olivia LifeDreamer and Paul SunRider, Merle Ambrose' tower, Wraith realm.
I AM FINALLY MASTER ARTISAN! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Okay. Must. Gather. Self. Back. up.
I looked at GrandMaster Artisan, and it looked really easy. I mean one amulet. sure, it's a really HARD amulet, but you only have to make one. So, instead, I'm going for Watchtower Hall. Then I'm going to craft things to DECORATE the WatchTower Hall with. Did I mention I'm a master artisan? Sorry, I just can't get over that.
happy crafting!

Friday, 7 January 2011


honestly, there are so many things I want to post about, I'm going to make this into a blog post with mini posts. First up: B-DAY PARTY!
Where: My Massive Fantasy Palace. There WILL be teleporting buses, through whom I do not know yet.
why: to celebrate Groundhogs day, my birthday, my blog's birthday and to hopefully film the 'Lotus Casino' scene in the lightning thief.
There will be: dancing! chatting! tours! (possibly) bloggers!(sadly, there will NOT be music OR food, but there is an open soda bar) hopefully, as aforementioned, you will get to be in a movie(YouTube. Sorry, it probably won't be published!)
post two: MY story, and the biggest rule you ever need to know.
here is Nick's story. I will put it in quotemarks.
"Never get attached to something so much that you may regret it later. Wizard101 I started over two years ago after my cousin came over we saw the very second TV commercial for me it was the helephant that got me interested. So my brother went on the computer and we both made a wizard, for me the Very First Nicholas LionRider. Unlike my new one which is fire he was a myth because even then I was interested in Mythology. Some how I think I should have stuck with myth because Fire didn't really fit me as much, I really just wanted to definite FREE helephant. So once I got to be a level 9 (I could never make it to 10 so my brother and his friend Leo kept passing me in levels) So I decided I don't want to use your account Josh so I made my own account this is when Nicholas LionRider was Born. I kept leveling and actually made it to level 10 this time but I had done every mission. It had to be at least a month before I BEGGED my mom and dad to get my crowns, now this was before gift cards, gift certificates or anything so I had to convince my dad to use his actual Credit Card when he did I was so happy. I finished Wizard City and the Crowns lasted me until Chamber of Fire in Krok. By this time I had been a level 24 so I was pretty happy. The very first gift cards came out just in time. At Rite Aid and 7-11 (by the way Rhode Island only has like one 7-11 in all of the state and its all the way at the end of the state from where I live) so I waited a few weeks because the new Rite Aid up the street still didn't get all of the new supplies and so every time my parents went in they came out with nothing (but I knew something was up they were probably looking everywhere except the right spot) and that's when I went in and found it easy. I got a Defender Pig and I still got it today, this time I got a subscription. By this time Nicholas LionRider knew most spells he finished Krok and almost finished MB, and away from the leveling I made a friend, now this friend happened to be one of my best friends but then she sort of stopped playing. Before she left I had met her friend Amber. Amber Roespetal. She became my best friend on Wizard101 and she stuck by me no matter what. We used to not think of each other as friends but almost brother and sister. I sort of followed in her foot steps as she rose to be a great wizard. I started a blog, ( :P ) made a website, made a livestream, and then this was the worst thing EVER I got so caught up in being like her I made a Skype. This was the end as soon as I met Cassandra Lifecaster. Because we used to fight everyone made sides (Wizard War II was a product of this) we never stopped fighting and the biggest fight was actually not my fault you see we all went on a Skype chat and In the Background my brother kept making fun of England after I asked her what wars she studied in England. Cassandra heard me brother got really mad and we never were friends again. These wars got a little out of hand Amber being the best friend ever never wanted to take sides but always stood up for me. I had to be the luckiest guy and trust me I was grateful because if you get in a fight with Cassandra Lifecaster welcome to certain death. Lately I have been having the worst time ever. I had Amber and Mary and Rogue to keep me happy but for stuff I never did I kept getting blamed for, people I don't even know making fun of me and telling me "Cass told me about YOU" this was just terrible. Now for the latest story me and Amber got in a fight over Student Teachers and now we are not friends at all. I really messed up this time Cass I don't Care, Ben, is nice but I can live without. Mary, is close but not as close as Amber. We have been though so much and most was silly. I would really pay cash to see her again. But she made it clear and so the death of Nicholas LionRider is upon us. Come to the LionRider Zoo today because it might be one night only. So the lesson here never get so attached to anything as much as I did, Wizard101 took over my life and now here I am no real friends, still being made fun of, and just alone, online, in a dumb old world."
let me tell you my story. The date was September, 2009. I walked into the homeschool co-op to see a girl wit curly dark brown hair sitting at a table with a notebook. inside the note book there were four sections to a page: real name, wizard name, level and school. it was a wizard101 notebook. soon after that, I signed up to wizard101, and made a life wizardess with purple eyes, red hair and the name of Jenna Silversteed.
she trained in ice.
then came another girl: Jenna. I do not remember her last name, but I remember she had black hair pulled back and she was Balance. I made Destiny Nightbreeze, a black-skinned and haired Necromancer with green eyes. Finally, Autumn Owglade was Born. I think she may have been made before Destiny ... I'm not really sure. Now, on Jenna(life) I had to defeat the Harvest Lord, but no matter how hard I tried, I always died. I had no Pals. I didn't know how to friend someone. Finally, as I stood outside the Harvest Lord's tower, I decided to try again. So I hit X and just as I was about to go in a girl with spiky hair named Marissa came in with me. I couldn't do anything-I wasn't even sure how to text chat, so I used menu. but-Amazingly- we beat him. after that Marrissa asked me if I wanted to do this again or go down to the cave? I wasn't really sure I knew how to respond but I said CAVE. and ever since then I've used barely Menu. Neither of knew how to friend each other, so when she said she had to go, I never saw her again. meanwhile, I was working on autumn. I don't remember when or how we met, but all I know is one day Autumn was a higher level then Jenna, and I got on her everyday to spend time singing Coldplay, and fighting pumpkin heads in our pumpkin head masks. then, one day, the very day I got my subscription, I offered for Cassandra Ashriver and I to go down to the haunted cave and, one last time beat those Field Guards in our pumpkin masks.
But I didn't really mean it that way. I didn't mean that would be the end of our friendship. What I meant was, that after that we would go our ways, but we would remain friends. I don't know when it happened, but sometime, after I got my sub, Cassandra was gone. off my buddy list. I searched and searched, but I never found her. I spent days working on Destiny-afterall, Cassandra was the first friend I ever had(other than Scarlet aka Julie) who was pals with more than one of my characters, and she was still on Destiny's list. But she never came. As I type this, I'm sitting at my desk listening to Keep Holding On, by Avril Lavigne. after we broke apart, I stopped listening to Coldplay. I immersed myself in everything around me-leveling up Autumn as much as I could, I listened to Pop-Lady GaGa, Selena Gomez. I listened to Queen, David Kincaid-anything but Coldplay. Now a year later, I find Coldplay comforts me, but I still listen to all different types of music. But now, I feel so alone sometimes, and I wonder how many people really understand me. All of us, we're always alone, but at the same we never are, and friends and happiness surrounds us if we are wise enough to find it, remember everything good in your life. my new year's resolution? find Cassandra. If you think it was meant to be, if you miss a friend so much it hurts, then do something. Go out into the world and find them.

Monday, 13 December 2010

you call THAT Medusa?

check it out:

DUDE THAT IS KAMPE! Here let me list the ways this thing is Kampe, not Medusa:
*Serpant waist thing
*two swords(with posion. hehe)
*tied back hair
And, to make up for that horrible picture I am going to put up a really, really funny video for those HP fans out there:

happy watching/laughing!

Sunday, 12 December 2010

Friday Night=Records=worlds biggest hit on Foulgaze EVER??

woot! yeah, so Friday niight Cody and a girl Cassandra, and I went and did a 7,000 hit on Foulgaze. Check it out:

and here's a picture of about half the traps we put up on 'im:

It would've done more, but Cody forgot and discarded his Prism, so the Myth Traps didn't get activated. Ah, well. and OH YEAH! he used NO TREASURE CARDS! Cool huh?

I'm also thinking about doing something later on in the year of 2011. If you support Israel, please join me in supporting Gilad Shalit. Gilad was captured by the palestinians in 2006 and still has not been released. The Israeli solider is 24 years old, and possibly the only person in Gaza who does not have all of their needs seen to. hre is a brief invitaion to soemthing that does not have a date yet:
where: Commons, unknown realm yet
when: sometime in 2011
why: to support Gilad Shalit, captured Israeli soldier
what to wear: white and blue(colors of Israeli flag)
there will be: dancing, generally trying to get people to support Israel. I got the idea from a video of a bunch of people getting together and dancing to the song 'One Day' on Gilad's birthday, to support him. If I could I would play the song 'Keep Holding On' by Avril Lagigne. As it is there will be people singing it. :)
Happy dancing!

Thursday, 9 December 2010

Last Night You Were Calling Me Sayin' Ya Want Me..

Oh why you always make me feel like I'm the one that's crazy? You feel my heart racing...(music fades into backround)speaking of lasy night, I took some pretty funny pictures and dressed up as Judah Macabee. for those of you who don't already know, Judah Macabee fought against the Greeks. He and the rest of the macabees defeated them and then went back to their temple (MY temple) to discover the Greeks left only enough oil pure to last for a few days-they didn't have enough time to get more before the oil ran out-but then guess what! (boy, I needya here with me. I can't go on this waaay! I'm fallin' hard for you..)
The oil lasted for 8 days, long enough for a runner to come back with more. So, since Felix Navidad has arrived in the spiral, I dressed up ad Judah Macabee(which wasn't easy) and made a Hanukiah, which I will turn into a Menorah soon. on a side note, check our the pictures below. See 'em? OK. Now look at the one with my stats. See? See that level? (#song endds and new one starts# for those who don't know me I can get a bit crazy..)WOOT! UH HUH O YEAH UH HUH, OH YEAH!!!
(everyguy everywhere just gives me mad attention, always gets a 10..)
I'm also redecorating Paul's Oasis camp,so his back room looks more like the Poseidon Cabin. and O MY GODS THAT FOUNTAINS SCONCE THINGY FROM CL IS HUGE! Its WAY bigger (I can't be TAMED! I can't be BLAMED! I can't be, can't be I CAN'T BE TAMED..)than I thought, so it takes up like an eighth of the room. Wow. When it's done I'll post more pictures. Here, Be content with these right now. :)

happy decorating/gardening/oh never mind, you know what I mean.
(I go through guys like money flyin' out their hands.They try ta change me but they realize they can't..)
(Music continues# I wanna fly, I wanna drive I wanna go, I wanna be a part of somethin' I dunno..)
Oh never mind, I love this song anyway.

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

the good: new computer. the bad: rules. the irritating: no microsoft word

i got a new computer on sunday. :) i dont have word on it yet though, so i cant write anything other than a blog. sorry i haven't been posting, i've been testing out mynew PC and finishing Majora's Mask (AHHHHHH! I'M SCARED OF THE TIKI THINGS AT TRADER JOIES! ITS THE HAPPY MASK SALESMAN!!!) Seriuorsly, that 'happy mask salesman' gives me the heebbie jeebies. HES FREAKY LOOKING!!LOL.
i *did* come up with a new story though. heres the beggning of it:
it's amazing how wrong first impressions can be. and how right. most people think of me as a Jew. to new yorkers i'm a marylander. to israelis i'm amercian. to marlybonians im a wizard. to most of the spiral folk im from earth. to my classmates in balance im crazy,off balance. to my hebrew school classmates im homeschooled. to normal people im weird. to my friends im hilarious. to enigneers i must be stupid, but to idiots im confusingly smart. to my teachers im a troublemaker. to mortals im a know it all who reads too much. to legendarys im a newbie grandmaster level 52 and to apprentices and even adepts im practically EPIC.
they all have it wrong.
im not a jew. im not a marylandere. im not homeschooled, and im not crazy. im neither a wizard nor a earthian. im not a troublemaker either. im not confusing, and i most certainly am not dumb, even if i am quiet. and, i really *DO* try not to be a know it all or smart alec. i just hate it when people misuse words or have a poor vocabublary.
if you're wondering what i AM here it is: i am a self taught, south Carolinian-with-the-manners-of-a-new-yorker, ashkanazi, author who writes fantasy-historical fiction.

side note: do you get who im sicribing here? huh? do ya? no? hint: shes balance. another hint: her names autumn owlglade.
XD all i came up with for now.