Friday, 25 March 2011

Sorry, I'm quitting this blog

See, I'm not really into Wizzys anymore. I'm obsessed with 2 games-LoZ and GSm. (Legend of Zelda and GamStar Mechanic). write now (excuse the pun) I'm writing a story called DreamWakers, my first try at writing romance. Here's the beginnning:

Chapter 1/3
“My lady.” the voice startled Midna. She had been busy thinking of the Knight from the Light World, Link and what would happen when he returned there.
“Yes Tatelyn?” she asked her head priestess.
“It seems to me that you worry over lack of contact with Sir Link when he returns to the Light World.”
Midna was puzzled. How did Tatelyn know of this? But of course Tatelyn would know such things. Word spread like wildfire in the Eclipse Court, and the princess of Twilight being in love with a knight from the Light World would be rich gossip at any court gathering. “Yes Tatelyn,” Midna replied quietly. “I am.”
“Well,” Tatelyn paused and then rushed on. “I may have something that can help you.” she reached into a drawer of her desk, opened up a secret compartment, and pulled out....two necklaces. But when Midna looked at the things, she saw what was so special about them.
They were made from a fine silver, which was polished to shine mirror-bright. When placed together they created a pattern: a star encircled in a triangle. Midna picked up the two pieces and began to put them together, but-
“No!” Tatelyn cried, “don't! When Link leaves for the Light World, give him one half. Before you separate, place them together.”

Chapter 2/3
“Link.,” Midna whispered.
“Yes?” replied Link, just quietly.
Midna responded only by pressing one of the necklaces Tatelyn had given her into Link's hand. He looked down at it. Midna's pale hand guided his to her own necklace , which hung from her throat. Link understood at once, and placed his to Midna's. There was a flash of light, and-nothing happened.
“What did we just do?” asked Link very quietly, almost afraid to speak.
“I don't know. You'll have to ask Tatelyn.”
...and then he smiled, and his lips brushed hers in a gentle kiss. And she kissed him back, and they held each other in a warm embrace...
Midna broke free, even though she didn't want to. “You should go,” she whispered sadly. Link nodded.
“You're right,” he replied. “I should.” Link looked through the portal, and then back at Midna. A silent message passed between them as Link stepped through the portal and gazed back at his love, now a world apart.
“you're sure you want to do this?”
“yes. I don't belong in your world.”
“I could stay here.”
“You belong here no more than I belong in the Light.”
“I hope we meet again. Perhaps there is another Mirror.”
“If there is, we should destroy that one also. Is that not the reason for destroying this one? The danger of the... Beasts?”
“Yes. Yes, it is. I am sorry. Good-bye my love.”

“Link. I...” Midna gulped, trying to make her lips form the words, “I love you” but her lips betrayed her. “See you later.”
and with those final words, Midna threw out her hand, breaking the Mirror, the seemingly only barrier, and yet the only connection between her world and her Link.

Wednesday, 23 March 2011


wow, link is LUCKY! By that, I mean that I was working on Luke, and I collected both Runed Skull and 'any clues' on teh first try! Let's just hope I have as much with the Warhorn Pass (*knock on wood*[or, in my case, a tree])

Hehe! At anyrate, I have been playing GameStar Mechanic, a website ALMOST as fun was wizzy where you make games for your friends to play. sadly, they are not very complicated games, but I'm trying to re=create some of the LoZ games anyway. :D oh yeah-and, in edition to being unable to TYPE caps us textees can now not SEE caps, either. lovely.

Autumn is STILL sitting in the science center waiting for some help (Not that I'm complaining. that place has AWESOME music) and Percy needs help in the cat herding quest where you chase Meowiarty and defeat a bunch of pointless bosses. oh, and check out this website here to see most of my stories clumped together. that's all for now,
Happy reading!

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

I miss the old Wizard101.

Before you have to buy your way up the game.

Before wings.

Before "Themed Housing"

Before advanced pets.

Before Celestia.

Before crafted houses.

Before they took our caps.

Before you needed a MFP to "be cool"

When everyone walked.

When the gossip was of exciting new worlds-NOT the loss of caps.

When your rank was based off of your level, not your equipment.

When real friendships existed.

When we paid for the best houses, equipment and with gold.

And we paid for them with patience.

When experience was bought through friendships, patience and treasure cards rather than crowns.


When Open Chat was a privilege, not a right.

When SUBSCRIBING was a privilege, not a right.

When people farmed the Jade Oni every moment of the day, laughing about what they hoped to gain.

When Edward IceSpear had a chance of collecting all the pets.

When XD was not dorky, looked down upon or impossible to say.

When Quests were solo-able.

Share what YOU miss in the comments!

Happy farming!