Sunday, 28 November 2010


Hey guys! its Autumn back with another installment of WseOldSorcerer! I am no longer wise, as I am only lvl 51 though. ah well. I'll be Legendary soon enough :). So, here is your unreliable w101 news!
the test realm is open! they didnt give us the usual crowns for some reason though. Percy can now actually create the strawberry fields in CampHalfBlood! For those of you who don't already know, I am participating in something called NanoWrimo. NanoWrimo is where you try to write a a month! I'm continuing Blood of Queens, which has turned into the Iron Dagger. here's a brief disccription from my page on Nano:
Ziva is a one of a kind original. she has no desire to fit in what so ever. that doesnt change when she arrives at school only to find a mysterious amulet. she reads a note and suddenly finds herself in a world of gods, monsters, demigods, magic and werewolves. but what happened to her father? and her mothers cloak of darkness is missing! even more problematic the gods' only hope to defeat Seth van braggenshnott has dissappeared.
Theseus has a problem. he woke up on the wrong side of the country, with no memory-except for of his father. all to quickly he learns these guys arent friendly-they fight to the death for entertainment! the worst of it is they think HE would make a gladiator. more now than ever, he wishes he was normal.
Autumn has a secret. she's never told anyone, even Anubis her true history, but it seems her japanese heritage may save her friends from the forces of chaos.
you guys probably know that it started out as a fanfic of Red Pyramid, became fanfic of Lost Hero and is now something entirely of its own but has bits of Celestia, Lost Hero, Red Pyramid and FireFly. (FireFly is actually a TV show)
on a side note, I have decided that I LOVE Lady Gaga. I'm Gaga for Gaga! LOLZ. In fact, I'm listening to Ribbons right now!
as a reward for finishing my novel, Iron Dagger (pen name is Citrine Gryphonson)I will be getting the Epic gift card from GameStope! YEEEHAAAAA!
anyway, that's about it, I'm gonna go update CampHalfBloodStories!