Friday, 30 April 2010

TEST REALM OPENS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

oot! they made new wings which (naturally) i got. here's a pic:
oops! wrong pic! AHA! there it is! yes i have two sets of wings. no i did not dye the seraph wings.
i did some silly things other then that. for Diana us i got the 'diseased wildclaw' which looks kinda like a badger and put it in her yard. i also got a 'green cat thug' which i put in my MB* house. currently i am trying to figure out what pet Paul is best off with. i think Diana mh should have the 'pale maiden' since shes ice but that's me. before you ask no i cannot merge pets with you unless you want to spend 8000 gold because that's how much my only adult pet (maximus) costs to fertilize an egg, although i am trying to grow to 'stray piggles' into adults and then we can breed flying pigs.

happy hatching!
*for noobs who dont know that marleybone

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

dragon claw canyon reagents roses and general hi ho good to be back

ok guys this is gonna be a loooooooooooooooong post so get comfy pour yourself a soda maybe make yourself some popcorn etc etc. there are about a zillion reasons i havent posted in awhile.
subject one: dragon claw canyon. ok i guess id really best start from the beginning.
subject1: stone roses. i think this quest must be impossible. i mean i've defeated malistaire and i STILL cant find dragonclaw canyon which is one of the places where you have to find a rose. the only hint of it i can find is this; look at the "dragonspyre world map" it shows just off of crystal grove or maybe just dsa (dragonspyre academy) an area called "dragon claw canyon". the trouble is i have NO IDEA how to get there. admittedly there is an entry way thats barred over by ashley but when i aproach it, it doesnt have that white thing saying "dragon-claw canyon" or anything like that. so all in all the stone rose quest may very well be impossible. i mean how am i supposed to find a life-sized sculpture of a rose some place when i cant even find the place its in?!?!
on a almost completely unrelated matter i am going to be err, "hosting" a show called ... drum roll please ....... "GUESS THAT ROSE!"
ok here's what happens: i put up a picture of a stone rose along with a clue as to where it is. then you have to either
A. e-mail me with your guess or your guess in the 'comments' section of that post. then in the next post i put up your guesses along with the correct answer and the next stone rose.
subject3: (i kinda combined subject 1 and 2 just so ya know) reagents. here i am going to list reagents and where is i have found the best place to find them. this will (like guess that rose) be an ongoing series with one reagent per post. her's the first one:
ore. this has been a trouble reagent practically since i started crafting. the best place in my xp to find this hard rock is the Atheneum. (sorry mooshu crafters!) it loves the area by the mini-games (you know those weird little alcoves?) as well as the area directly opposite that. simply harvest those then hop realms, harvest, repeat.
happy farming! ;)

***UPDATE***: i found out that 'dragon claw canyon' is actually same thing as 'dragons roost'. going to report as a bug. ***UPDATE***

Friday, 16 April 2010

proof of my mastery

thaaaaaaaaats right folks! the reason i havent been posting is cuz i've been working!whats more i am a GRANDMASTER! yup o!!!!! i actually got a grand before i got nova which is pretty rare. unfortunately, i only have my grand hat. i also do not have access to mr M. (malisataire) so there i am! *wink*