Thursday, 30 September 2010


so! we have actors for all the parts but ONE: Ares. HOW CAN NO-ONE WANT TO PLAY ARES?! HOW?!?!!??
LOL NVM here's a cast/crew
side note: we're making it so that Artemus sends them to kill the Hydra or some other monster, and gives them pearls in return
Damsel in Distress(Percy's mom)........Autumn OwlGlade
Hero(Percy)............... Nicholas Lionrider(not Paul ThunderThief.. ugh)
Annabeth...................Amber Rosepetal(Understudy Olivia Lifedreamer)
Grover ................Travis dragonblood(i could be wrong about last name)
Chiron..............IDK who one of Grover's friends, Nick didn't say his name
Luke...........Wolf RavenEye AKA Scot ???Thistle
Campers...........Autumn Owlgade (or possibly one of my other chars)Olivia LifeDreamer, Mary Dreamshade I believe, and anyone who wants to volunteer(we need tons of campers).
Fury.......................Mary DreamShade
Zeus.........Mason StormThief(yes, I know there's some irony in that)
Poseidon..........Caleb Mistflame?thistle? something like that
Clarisse......... Paige AngleBlossom, on her newbie Fire named ???? BattleFist
Artemus...............Kelsey DawnRiver on her newbie Ice named Diana MoonHunter
(next movies/flashback when Grover talks about Thalia)Thalia.........Mary DreamShade
Hades..............ok fine, I don't know him either yet
Ares........unknown at this time
set and costume designer..........Autumn OwlGlade
director.........Nicholas LionRider
co-directors.......Mary Dreamshade and Autumn OwlGlade
thats pretty much it. we *DO* however need some donations. heres what we need,
*enough crowns to buy a celestial trident for the guy who's playing Poseidon
*someone's Myth house to act as Camp Half-Blood
*someone with a video camera, steady hands, and a house to film (maybe Paige?)
*someone with a house with some sort of basment-y thing, and three jail cells
*someone with a unicorn, lion, and/ or horse mount
we might not need the mounts if we can get firecat unicorn and some kind of horned thing different from a unicorn as pets to put in jail cells.
Mary please, please, PLEASE say we can use your house as Camp Half-Blood, it has those awesome rugs.
anyway, here are some pics for ya'll: (probably gonna end up at the top... LOL)

Friday, 17 September 2010

Get Rich in the Iron Biz

OK no I did NOT come up with these some people on the message boards did. Haven't got a chance to try Chelsea Court thing but, I walked into the Tree of Life with 10 black lotus, after a few runs walked out with 18. AND I QUOTE THESE PEOPLE.

Black Lotus and Blood moss method.


Black Lotus
First, if you haven't already, purchase Transmute Black Pearl from Toshio in Jade Palace. Next, go to Tree of Life and make sure you are alone. Once you are in, turn off friend teleports. You now have the whole instance to yourself!
You will see Hideo Kebo standing in front of a structure. If you notice, there are areas that wrap around the structure. Visit both the left and right side to find either Deep Mushroom (with a chance for Nightshade), Stone Block (with a chance for Fossil), a Wooden Chest, or BLACK LOTUS!

Next, go inside the structure and turn right. You will see a circular room with two enemies in it (Kakeda Spirit Slave, Rank 5 Fire). Occasionally, there will be some goodies in here, including BLACK LOTUS (with a rare chance for BLACK PEARL)! Stick to the walls and collect your goodies. Continue STRAIGHT and you should see another one of these circles. Do the same as you just did. Then, you should see the rear exit of the structure. Go out and it wraps around just like the front! You know what to do here. Next, reenter the structure and continue RIGHT to find 2 more of the circles with pigs in them. Collect goodies like before. After the second, continue STRAIGHT and exit the structure (you should see Hideo Kebo again). Leave through the Instance Entrance. Repeat this as desired until you get tired or have all of your BLACK LOTUS (If you find 0 Black Pearl, the Transmute recipe uses 15 Black Lotus to make 1 Black Pearl**) and/or BLACK PEARLS!

Blood Moss
First, visit Eudora Tangletree in Olde Town and purchase Transmute Blood Moss (15 Red Mandrake make 1 Blood Moss). Now, go to Nightside. When you get in, there is a graveyard to the immediate left of the Death School. The grave closest to the school (the one that's slightly further forward) has a spawn point for RED MANDRAKE (with a rare chance for BLOOD MOSS) behind it. If it is not there, look around the Death Tower, in the area near the Sunken City entrance. If it is not here either, cross the street and go on the right side of the Death School (aka go in a straight line). There is a small tree back there. To its immediate left is the final spawn point for RED MANDRAKE. There can only be ONE in the area at a time. If you find none, chances are someone beat you to it. Continue realm hopping (using "Perfect" realms) and looking in these same spots. After a while, even if you have 0 Blood Moss, Transmute all of the Red Mandrake you have**!

Hope this helps!

-Valerian DarkBringer- Grandmaster Necromancer- MASTER ARTISAN!
-Galen FrostFlame- Magus Thaumaturge- APPRENTICE CRAFTER
-Thomas DragonCaster- Initiate Theurgist- NOVICE CRAFTER

**= ALL Transmute recipes require a Card Crafting Station. Purchase one from the vendor on Krokosphinx Island, in Jade Palace, or in the Atheneum. "

Chelsea Court method.
"I came across the games secret to gathering Regents, I gather so many i sell for gold and many times Zeke will tell me my gold bag is Bursting.
I want to share this with all players, weather it be gold chest or Scrap Iron or Flowers you seek you can gather all you need in a matter of a few hours or sometimes minutes.
Here is the simple answer and if you played this game long as I have you will know exactly what i am saying. "Change Realms" Take like Marleybone in Cheslea Court, use the transporters to go across the court but go to each place gather the Iron there and then switch realms and repeat. Keep going to each transporter location gather Iron and change realms.
In every Realm there is its own regents, so look at how many realms there are, and look at all the regents you can gather by going realm to realm. I gathered over 600 Scrap Iron once, It is not unuasual for me to gather over 100 easily. Then with the Scrap Iron is the Springs, they sell sometimes 200 each. I hear so many in game wishing they had more Gold, I just told you how you can make gold From Regents, and you will encounter Gold Chest along your travels realm to realm. This can be done in Wizard City or any place in the Game.
My Wizards Got rich in the Iron Business. I now buy all the Treasure cards i need, like Blades and sheilds and dont worry about my Gold level.
Game managers, I posted this to make the game more enjoyable to others, I get Bored questing, so Gathering Regents as a past time is a good way of playing. Plus from the way i see the Scrap Iron placed in the game I know you placed it there so those that learned my secret would have easy time Gathering. If you the Game managers think I am not serious then try it, Go realm to realm and use the Cheslea Transporters, see how the Iron is placed where the players will see it and gather it easily. You Intended for this to be done.
Playing Game over a year I have learned many tricks to this game, I even learned the secret to getting the Highest price for my Iron and regents, But I will not share this here, let the players toy with it and find for them self."
WOW! I am a little amazed. Friendly could go on and on about this but I'll keep this short and sweet. (partly because while Thomas can find a ton of things to talk about I can't) THANK YOU SO MUCH VALERIAN!!!!!!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!
I do not know the Chelsea person's character name but his user name was Darkblood1.
I give all the credit to Darkblood and Valerian. Also, I did not touch their words ONCE even for editing. I left the spelling mistakes intact. I think it adds something anyway (not sure what LOL).

Wednesday, 1 September 2010


here are portraits of the three main characters from the Lightning Thief: (as the actors stand now. I'm going to ask Nick about my part.)

oops! Thats when Medusa turned Percy to stone LOL.

I'm now Set &Costume designer and medusa and percys mom/fun list!

Ugh. Nick pointed out that sinse i dont have open chat i shouldnt be percy. GRRRR. also diana reached ironworks! woot! ill put up picture of costumes and sets so far tomorrow. for now here's somethign i wrote for fun:

How To Annoy Percy Jackson With Harry Potter

1.Tell him there’s a son of Hades living at Hogwarts. “Oops no he died about 5 years ago sorry ...”
2. Explain in great detail everything to do with Horecruxes. When he doesn’t get it write it down for him. In English.
3. … In small, cursive print.
4. Tell him he never defeated Kronos. It was really just Voldemort in disguise.
5. Ask him if he has a pen you can borrow. If he says no offer him your wand in exchange. If he says yes get upset because its “Not the right type.”
6.Replace all his Drachmas with Galleons.
7.Draw several parallels between Riptide and one of the Wesley’s fake wands.
8.Leave all 7 Harry Potter books on his bed. When he confronts you about it frown and say, ”Really? Are you sure it wasn’t Annabeth?”
9. Tell him your’e sorry but he never met any of Hades’ torturers. When he looks at you blankly say there called Dementors.
10. Write a six-page essay on how Harry had soooooooo much better luck.
11. Whenever he’s around ponder loudly whether or not Kronos used a Horcruxe and if so what was it?
12. When playing capture the flag(if He’s on the opposite team) cast a very powerful, inaudible wingadeam leviosa on him and watch the look on his face.
13.Enroll him in Hogwarts. Don’t tell him.
14.Buy him a nimbus for Christmas. Tell him its ‘the new Pegasus’
15.On Harry’s birthday wake him up at 5 a clock in the morning and yell “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!”. Throw confetti if possible.
16. Tell him that the Dumbledore cabin wants to make an allegiance with the Poseidon cabin for Capture the Flag.
17. Just before chariot races replace his horses with Thestrals.
18. Try to teach him the Bubble Head Charm. ‘Tsk tsk’ every time he fails.
19. Offer him some Gilliweed ‘For the next time he goes into the sea of monsters with his girlfriend.’
20.Tell him all about the Dursleys. Make it sound like Paradise.