Thursday, 14 January 2010


here is something really funny that happened to me yesterday. me and kelsey couldnt STOP laughing. ok people how do you put these stupid pics up here? OK I'm going to repeat what happened.
(this was waaaaaaaaaaaay back when. back when i still had luke. i port to my friend who i no in real life. her names kelsey and she's in her dorm. we were chatting when all of a sudden my other friend olivia ports.)
olivia: o hi
me: hi
kelsey: hi
olvia: so um ... you guys dating or something?
me: nEW NO!
kelsey: we no each other in real
olvia: idk you guys could still be dating
me: uh well ... i'm a girl
olivia: YOU WHAT? ..! ..? ..!
Me: its true
kelsey: he oops meant SHE's right
olvia: nEW!
(olvia leaves)
kelsey: han ah you cooco
me: you to ya ill
kelsey: what do you bet she removes you?
me: a drachma
darnit now I owe her.

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