Friday, 30 April 2010

TEST REALM OPENS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

oot! they made new wings which (naturally) i got. here's a pic:
oops! wrong pic! AHA! there it is! yes i have two sets of wings. no i did not dye the seraph wings.
i did some silly things other then that. for Diana us i got the 'diseased wildclaw' which looks kinda like a badger and put it in her yard. i also got a 'green cat thug' which i put in my MB* house. currently i am trying to figure out what pet Paul is best off with. i think Diana mh should have the 'pale maiden' since shes ice but that's me. before you ask no i cannot merge pets with you unless you want to spend 8000 gold because that's how much my only adult pet (maximus) costs to fertilize an egg, although i am trying to grow to 'stray piggles' into adults and then we can breed flying pigs.

happy hatching!
*for noobs who dont know that marleybone

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