Wednesday, 1 September 2010

I'm now Set &Costume designer and medusa and percys mom/fun list!

Ugh. Nick pointed out that sinse i dont have open chat i shouldnt be percy. GRRRR. also diana reached ironworks! woot! ill put up picture of costumes and sets so far tomorrow. for now here's somethign i wrote for fun:

How To Annoy Percy Jackson With Harry Potter

1.Tell him there’s a son of Hades living at Hogwarts. “Oops no he died about 5 years ago sorry ...”
2. Explain in great detail everything to do with Horecruxes. When he doesn’t get it write it down for him. In English.
3. … In small, cursive print.
4. Tell him he never defeated Kronos. It was really just Voldemort in disguise.
5. Ask him if he has a pen you can borrow. If he says no offer him your wand in exchange. If he says yes get upset because its “Not the right type.”
6.Replace all his Drachmas with Galleons.
7.Draw several parallels between Riptide and one of the Wesley’s fake wands.
8.Leave all 7 Harry Potter books on his bed. When he confronts you about it frown and say, ”Really? Are you sure it wasn’t Annabeth?”
9. Tell him your’e sorry but he never met any of Hades’ torturers. When he looks at you blankly say there called Dementors.
10. Write a six-page essay on how Harry had soooooooo much better luck.
11. Whenever he’s around ponder loudly whether or not Kronos used a Horcruxe and if so what was it?
12. When playing capture the flag(if He’s on the opposite team) cast a very powerful, inaudible wingadeam leviosa on him and watch the look on his face.
13.Enroll him in Hogwarts. Don’t tell him.
14.Buy him a nimbus for Christmas. Tell him its ‘the new Pegasus’
15.On Harry’s birthday wake him up at 5 a clock in the morning and yell “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!”. Throw confetti if possible.
16. Tell him that the Dumbledore cabin wants to make an allegiance with the Poseidon cabin for Capture the Flag.
17. Just before chariot races replace his horses with Thestrals.
18. Try to teach him the Bubble Head Charm. ‘Tsk tsk’ every time he fails.
19. Offer him some Gilliweed ‘For the next time he goes into the sea of monsters with his girlfriend.’
20.Tell him all about the Dursleys. Make it sound like Paradise.

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