Friday, 7 January 2011


honestly, there are so many things I want to post about, I'm going to make this into a blog post with mini posts. First up: B-DAY PARTY!
Where: My Massive Fantasy Palace. There WILL be teleporting buses, through whom I do not know yet.
why: to celebrate Groundhogs day, my birthday, my blog's birthday and to hopefully film the 'Lotus Casino' scene in the lightning thief.
There will be: dancing! chatting! tours! (possibly) bloggers!(sadly, there will NOT be music OR food, but there is an open soda bar) hopefully, as aforementioned, you will get to be in a movie(YouTube. Sorry, it probably won't be published!)
post two: MY story, and the biggest rule you ever need to know.
here is Nick's story. I will put it in quotemarks.
"Never get attached to something so much that you may regret it later. Wizard101 I started over two years ago after my cousin came over we saw the very second TV commercial for me it was the helephant that got me interested. So my brother went on the computer and we both made a wizard, for me the Very First Nicholas LionRider. Unlike my new one which is fire he was a myth because even then I was interested in Mythology. Some how I think I should have stuck with myth because Fire didn't really fit me as much, I really just wanted to definite FREE helephant. So once I got to be a level 9 (I could never make it to 10 so my brother and his friend Leo kept passing me in levels) So I decided I don't want to use your account Josh so I made my own account this is when Nicholas LionRider was Born. I kept leveling and actually made it to level 10 this time but I had done every mission. It had to be at least a month before I BEGGED my mom and dad to get my crowns, now this was before gift cards, gift certificates or anything so I had to convince my dad to use his actual Credit Card when he did I was so happy. I finished Wizard City and the Crowns lasted me until Chamber of Fire in Krok. By this time I had been a level 24 so I was pretty happy. The very first gift cards came out just in time. At Rite Aid and 7-11 (by the way Rhode Island only has like one 7-11 in all of the state and its all the way at the end of the state from where I live) so I waited a few weeks because the new Rite Aid up the street still didn't get all of the new supplies and so every time my parents went in they came out with nothing (but I knew something was up they were probably looking everywhere except the right spot) and that's when I went in and found it easy. I got a Defender Pig and I still got it today, this time I got a subscription. By this time Nicholas LionRider knew most spells he finished Krok and almost finished MB, and away from the leveling I made a friend, now this friend happened to be one of my best friends but then she sort of stopped playing. Before she left I had met her friend Amber. Amber Roespetal. She became my best friend on Wizard101 and she stuck by me no matter what. We used to not think of each other as friends but almost brother and sister. I sort of followed in her foot steps as she rose to be a great wizard. I started a blog, ( :P ) made a website, made a livestream, and then this was the worst thing EVER I got so caught up in being like her I made a Skype. This was the end as soon as I met Cassandra Lifecaster. Because we used to fight everyone made sides (Wizard War II was a product of this) we never stopped fighting and the biggest fight was actually not my fault you see we all went on a Skype chat and In the Background my brother kept making fun of England after I asked her what wars she studied in England. Cassandra heard me brother got really mad and we never were friends again. These wars got a little out of hand Amber being the best friend ever never wanted to take sides but always stood up for me. I had to be the luckiest guy and trust me I was grateful because if you get in a fight with Cassandra Lifecaster welcome to certain death. Lately I have been having the worst time ever. I had Amber and Mary and Rogue to keep me happy but for stuff I never did I kept getting blamed for, people I don't even know making fun of me and telling me "Cass told me about YOU" this was just terrible. Now for the latest story me and Amber got in a fight over Student Teachers and now we are not friends at all. I really messed up this time Cass I don't Care, Ben, is nice but I can live without. Mary, is close but not as close as Amber. We have been though so much and most was silly. I would really pay cash to see her again. But she made it clear and so the death of Nicholas LionRider is upon us. Come to the LionRider Zoo today because it might be one night only. So the lesson here never get so attached to anything as much as I did, Wizard101 took over my life and now here I am no real friends, still being made fun of, and just alone, online, in a dumb old world."
let me tell you my story. The date was September, 2009. I walked into the homeschool co-op to see a girl wit curly dark brown hair sitting at a table with a notebook. inside the note book there were four sections to a page: real name, wizard name, level and school. it was a wizard101 notebook. soon after that, I signed up to wizard101, and made a life wizardess with purple eyes, red hair and the name of Jenna Silversteed.
she trained in ice.
then came another girl: Jenna. I do not remember her last name, but I remember she had black hair pulled back and she was Balance. I made Destiny Nightbreeze, a black-skinned and haired Necromancer with green eyes. Finally, Autumn Owglade was Born. I think she may have been made before Destiny ... I'm not really sure. Now, on Jenna(life) I had to defeat the Harvest Lord, but no matter how hard I tried, I always died. I had no Pals. I didn't know how to friend someone. Finally, as I stood outside the Harvest Lord's tower, I decided to try again. So I hit X and just as I was about to go in a girl with spiky hair named Marissa came in with me. I couldn't do anything-I wasn't even sure how to text chat, so I used menu. but-Amazingly- we beat him. after that Marrissa asked me if I wanted to do this again or go down to the cave? I wasn't really sure I knew how to respond but I said CAVE. and ever since then I've used barely Menu. Neither of knew how to friend each other, so when she said she had to go, I never saw her again. meanwhile, I was working on autumn. I don't remember when or how we met, but all I know is one day Autumn was a higher level then Jenna, and I got on her everyday to spend time singing Coldplay, and fighting pumpkin heads in our pumpkin head masks. then, one day, the very day I got my subscription, I offered for Cassandra Ashriver and I to go down to the haunted cave and, one last time beat those Field Guards in our pumpkin masks.
But I didn't really mean it that way. I didn't mean that would be the end of our friendship. What I meant was, that after that we would go our ways, but we would remain friends. I don't know when it happened, but sometime, after I got my sub, Cassandra was gone. off my buddy list. I searched and searched, but I never found her. I spent days working on Destiny-afterall, Cassandra was the first friend I ever had(other than Scarlet aka Julie) who was pals with more than one of my characters, and she was still on Destiny's list. But she never came. As I type this, I'm sitting at my desk listening to Keep Holding On, by Avril Lavigne. after we broke apart, I stopped listening to Coldplay. I immersed myself in everything around me-leveling up Autumn as much as I could, I listened to Pop-Lady GaGa, Selena Gomez. I listened to Queen, David Kincaid-anything but Coldplay. Now a year later, I find Coldplay comforts me, but I still listen to all different types of music. But now, I feel so alone sometimes, and I wonder how many people really understand me. All of us, we're always alone, but at the same we never are, and friends and happiness surrounds us if we are wise enough to find it, remember everything good in your life. my new year's resolution? find Cassandra. If you think it was meant to be, if you miss a friend so much it hurts, then do something. Go out into the world and find them.

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  1. Hey, this is Amber. I just wanted to say thanks for posting this.. even though I left the community, I keep checking up on blogs every so often.

    But seriously, thanks.