Friday, 1 October 2010

Maat will always come out

Hey that sounds like a good title for a story! Maybe I'll title my story about London that. Anyway the truth (maat) is that I don't have a brother. i have two sisters and what would have been two more sisters had Hera, goddess of motherhood changed her mind at the last minute. Well, that’s the joke anyway. Well, there's my confession. There. I wrote it. It will take even more effort to post it on the Blog.
Now, you’re wondering why I have a guy char. truth is, I don't know. I just was like "hey I should have a male char!" so I did.
Paul has been made in the form of several characters, once in my early days, almost before I discovered the spiral beyond unicorn way. Then he was deleted to be replaced by Tiffany, who lasted a few weeks to be replaced by a girl named Paige GriffinRider. Sadly, I do not remember Tiffany's last name. Paige became an initiate, and died at golem tower, a tragic death for one so young. After she was buried in the graveyard of memories Paul GriffinRider the 1 came along and brightened things up with his quirky grin and messed up training points. He lasted to level 14, before he restarted at Ravenwood training in myth rather than ice.
But, alas, his sister, Scarlet GriffinRider, had trouble understanding why I deleted him. "It’s not Percy anymore!" she'd say. So I took her advice and deleted him, making Tatiana storm??? As a replacement diviner. But as Scarlet said later "at least he was still a Percy" and so, after many, many diviners Paul took on a new name, a new life and became Paul ThunderThief, a slight hint of whom he really was while he hid from the villains he hunted. He sits in his oasis camp even now, maybe polishing riptide, maybe reading the odyssey. Whatever he is doing he is home.
Why did I tell you, my fellow mages, this? I do not know. I simply sensed that as Erin hunter and Ann Renaldi wrote, the truth must come out. Sooner or later the truth will come out.
Had truly been a diviner, a daughter of Apollo rather than Athena would I have known of the struggles I would face with the school of storm? Would I have tried to stop it if I had? I do not know that, my mortals and demigods. I do not know.

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