Thursday, 14 October 2010


I just realized-today is an anniversary. Even though I actually started playing back in September during Ravenwoods birthday, I consider this an anniversary. Its is the anniversary of my being invited into the W101 Club. Every Thursday, I go to a church where there a ton of classrooms and study. What I study depends on the year and month. This year/month I study art, Fantasy Lit, Improv and Dance. A year ago, I was invited to sit with Julianna (AKA Scarlet GriffinRider) and her friends at lunch. Maybe I wasn't INVITED, maybe I just went to sit with my friends. whatever the reason, it became a tradition. Every Thursday Julie (Scarlet), Caleb (Caleb DuskRunner), Cristin, Olivia (Olivia LifeDreamer)and Skye (Suri Goldsmith) and I, Autumn OwlGlade, Daughter of Athena, Art Lover, Apprentice Sorcerer and Jenna SilverSteed, Initiate Theurgist would sit at the round table by the Wishing well, and talk. we would yell, tease, tell stories and joke. I soon learned everyone's knicknames; Caleb was Pip, the annoying little creature that took lodging inside Olivia's head. Olivia was BodyGuard Fox, the tough Ninja and one of her highness Jenna Bunny's most trusted advisers. Julie was Butler Kitty, a silly girl who could be serious when she wanted.
After that RPGs began to form. that was when they were in their early stages-nothing more then stories, told between two people really. but there we were, Rylee running away from her sisters, Tiffany swearing not to tell anyone she'd seen Rylee, Paige telling Fallon meekly that whenever she tried Golem Tower she died. Then came foolish Percy, letting Alyssa Ravenspear Scarlets biological mother stealing his powers.
To me, to-day is an anniversary. It is the anniversary of my joining W101. But, most importantly it is the anniversary of me finding friends. Finding myself. Maybe I even met Cassie today. Maybe today I decided to become Balance.From this day on, the second Thursday in October shall be known as Friending day. Good-bye. May you have good luck in your adventures.
Signed, Autumn Owlglade, Grandmaster Sorcerer, Adviser Mercedes Wolf,
Jenna SilverSteed, Initiate Theurgist, born in Grizzlheim raised in Marleybone. My first ever made character.

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