Wednesday, 23 March 2011


wow, link is LUCKY! By that, I mean that I was working on Luke, and I collected both Runed Skull and 'any clues' on teh first try! Let's just hope I have as much with the Warhorn Pass (*knock on wood*[or, in my case, a tree])

Hehe! At anyrate, I have been playing GameStar Mechanic, a website ALMOST as fun was wizzy where you make games for your friends to play. sadly, they are not very complicated games, but I'm trying to re=create some of the LoZ games anyway. :D oh yeah-and, in edition to being unable to TYPE caps us textees can now not SEE caps, either. lovely.

Autumn is STILL sitting in the science center waiting for some help (Not that I'm complaining. that place has AWESOME music) and Percy needs help in the cat herding quest where you chase Meowiarty and defeat a bunch of pointless bosses. oh, and check out this website here to see most of my stories clumped together. that's all for now,
Happy reading!

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