Saturday, 26 June 2010

Brother Loves His New Brthday Presant!

A few days ago was my brothers birthday. I got him (in addition to a copy of the Last Olympian and five packs of Mysterious MiniFigures ) free lvling up on his noob life char. Reed Roseleaf is now lvl 5 wearing bright purple and silver twinked* clothing, and has a dorm that looks like a garden filled with balloons. Now lets see if I can find the pic of him thanking me. Unfortunately when I logged on yesterday he had already dyed his clothes back. *Sigh*.
Happy Farming!
*by *twinked* I mean i got him a pair of crowns** shoes I have no use for that I got from trying to get Nightshades sprite. Still no luck. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!
**He said they've come in handy already. Apparently he almost died fight Lady Blackhope but the Guiding Light (no pun intended) on the shoes saved him.

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