Wednesday, 2 June 2010

new updates: do we REALLY need KingIsle's protection?

yes i no.
new updates are already out and there's nothing we can do about them.
but still im going to complain. (;p to you to)
so here in order are my complaints.
1. enchanted cards. now i understand that they want to protect against scammers but honestly guys the only solution is to simply learn that their going to cheat you and you should just ignore them. i mean my best friend (who btw i know irl) and i used to trade judgments for satyrs. whats more is that this completely puts and end to my card collection. see, i was trying to collect all seven of teh level 48 cards but now .... i guess its gone huh? may as well use my frost giants and orthrus against the jade oni or jotun or the four ravens. xp symbol. WHY THE HECK A GRADUATES CAP???????????
3. make a biz of w101. the friendly necro talked about this. i dunno what to say.
4. long loading. the first couple times i loaded w101 after the updates came out it took 20+ min AND still had that spiral thing loading it. really?
5. ummmmmmm tahts about it.

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