Friday, 3 December 2010

I am Wearing My Skull Shirt And My Newsboy Cap :)

Very RaNDoM title, I know. but that's who I am! Someone completely RaNdOM! anyway, I finished Cloak and Dagger part one, (The Iron Dagger) and will soon be going on to write part two: Cloak of the Selkie. but first I'm going to write part one of seven of Guardians of Celestia. Guardians of Celestia is something that's been forming in my head for while now. I don't know exactly how long the idea's been there, but it started either when i read the Celestia was coming out or when I finished reading The Last Olympian. Each of the parts is told from the point of view of one of the seven main characters. Here's info about them, but I don't have all the names or ages for sure yet. :)
at 17 Paul is the oldest, but he doesn't always act like it. He studies Conjuration, and his father has taught the level 35 boy EarthQuake already. He's the Guardian of Loyalty, and some say he would sacrifice the world to save a friend. his motto is "without loyalty and friendship there's no point of existing" and he tries his best to live up to it. his dad's Medisius, god of the sea.
Britney is 17 to, but she's a few months younger than Paul, even though she acts a lot older and wiser than she actually is. And with good reason to: her school is Balance, and she's the Guardian of Wisdom, Strategy and Knowledge-that's a big responsibility. few people want nothing more than knowledge, even if it's the knowledge of where a treasure is buried. Her mom thinks that too much knowledge is bad though, and never teaches the level 37 girl any Master spells the way her rival, Paul's dad does. Britney's motto is "Even strength must bow to wisdom sometimes" and constantly reminds everyone that it's true. her mom is Rebbisha'a, goddess of wisdom.
Nick(or possibly Caleb) is the group's Necromancer. he's been through a lot though, so don't be surprised if he sounds older than his 16 years-if you hear him talking! Nick's pretty quiet, and sometimes its like he's invisible. the level 32 boy is a bit of a loner, and mostly hangs out with zombie warriors and wolves. he's the Guardian of Death, and has picked up a few fighting tricks a long the way. his motto is "Don't hold grudges, and live life because before you know it you'll be dead" and sometimes has some trouble trusting people. his mom is Loanra, goddess of death.
Storm is 15 and her name says it all-this level 30 diviner is Guardian of Power. Her mom is Half Vision, goddess of Time, so unlike others she can really Divine. She caught a glimpse of her death, and ever since then her mottos been "power is meant to be used by its bearer. never give away your power, and if the deal seems too good to be true, it is."
Awiti is a 15 year old pyromancer. her mother, Zahe'ra, goddess of the forge named her well-among her gypsy people she was thrown out for being a lone survivor of a fire while living with non-gypsies she is still seen as part of the culture that abandoned her. her name means 'thrown away',and that's what the Guardian of Fire was. her motto is this: "if you think you're wrong and your people are right, then its probably vice versa".
those are all teh ones i'm posting for now. bye! :)

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