Wednesday, 8 December 2010

the good: new computer. the bad: rules. the irritating: no microsoft word

i got a new computer on sunday. :) i dont have word on it yet though, so i cant write anything other than a blog. sorry i haven't been posting, i've been testing out mynew PC and finishing Majora's Mask (AHHHHHH! I'M SCARED OF THE TIKI THINGS AT TRADER JOIES! ITS THE HAPPY MASK SALESMAN!!!) Seriuorsly, that 'happy mask salesman' gives me the heebbie jeebies. HES FREAKY LOOKING!!LOL.
i *did* come up with a new story though. heres the beggning of it:
it's amazing how wrong first impressions can be. and how right. most people think of me as a Jew. to new yorkers i'm a marylander. to israelis i'm amercian. to marlybonians im a wizard. to most of the spiral folk im from earth. to my classmates in balance im crazy,off balance. to my hebrew school classmates im homeschooled. to normal people im weird. to my friends im hilarious. to enigneers i must be stupid, but to idiots im confusingly smart. to my teachers im a troublemaker. to mortals im a know it all who reads too much. to legendarys im a newbie grandmaster level 52 and to apprentices and even adepts im practically EPIC.
they all have it wrong.
im not a jew. im not a marylandere. im not homeschooled, and im not crazy. im neither a wizard nor a earthian. im not a troublemaker either. im not confusing, and i most certainly am not dumb, even if i am quiet. and, i really *DO* try not to be a know it all or smart alec. i just hate it when people misuse words or have a poor vocabublary.
if you're wondering what i AM here it is: i am a self taught, south Carolinian-with-the-manners-of-a-new-yorker, ashkanazi, author who writes fantasy-historical fiction.

side note: do you get who im sicribing here? huh? do ya? no? hint: shes balance. another hint: her names autumn owlglade.
XD all i came up with for now.

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