Sunday, 12 December 2010

Friday Night=Records=worlds biggest hit on Foulgaze EVER??

woot! yeah, so Friday niight Cody and a girl Cassandra, and I went and did a 7,000 hit on Foulgaze. Check it out:

and here's a picture of about half the traps we put up on 'im:

It would've done more, but Cody forgot and discarded his Prism, so the Myth Traps didn't get activated. Ah, well. and OH YEAH! he used NO TREASURE CARDS! Cool huh?

I'm also thinking about doing something later on in the year of 2011. If you support Israel, please join me in supporting Gilad Shalit. Gilad was captured by the palestinians in 2006 and still has not been released. The Israeli solider is 24 years old, and possibly the only person in Gaza who does not have all of their needs seen to. hre is a brief invitaion to soemthing that does not have a date yet:
where: Commons, unknown realm yet
when: sometime in 2011
why: to support Gilad Shalit, captured Israeli soldier
what to wear: white and blue(colors of Israeli flag)
there will be: dancing, generally trying to get people to support Israel. I got the idea from a video of a bunch of people getting together and dancing to the song 'One Day' on Gilad's birthday, to support him. If I could I would play the song 'Keep Holding On' by Avril Lagigne. As it is there will be people singing it. :)
Happy dancing!


  1. I didn't think the prisms would work...I though it would use only a few traps then go to myth and not finish the storm traps...

  2. You have to lay them down in a certain order.....'cause the traps gget activated backwards, so you have to put down myth, prism, storm. get it?