Wednesday, 25 August 2010

bored out of my miiiiiiiiiiind.

going to go play some 101. and take a coupla picture of paul so for my other blog. anyway. bored. read dragon slippers. awesome. dragon flights awesome too. you need to read them. rereading sunset and missing the better erin hunter*. thinking i should maybe try making this a funny blog like cakewrecks. again with the bored. jealous. listening to my sisters & their friend play board games. reread cats of the clans. and eyes of horus. reading code of the clans. o yeah.
I GOT A SILVER BACK WILDCLAW SO I CAN START MY WILDCLAW ZOO!!!!!!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOO! thats pretty much it. o yeah. drawing portraits of princess bunny** crowd. cant figure out what color butler kitty's hair shouold be. middle of drawing princess bunny.
no thats not the name of a blogger. she's a YA author who went down hill after her first series.
**princess bunny:1. a girl who thinks she is a princess that can turn into a bunny. 2. a rabbit princess.3. and rpg in which everyone is a member of a princess's court and can turn into an animal. honorable members include princess jenna bunny, bodyguard olivia fox, butler scarlet kitty, adviser mercy wolf, warrior caleb raven, admiral percy sea lion(or 'selkie-a word refering to a person who uses a skin to turn into an animal. also called 'skin-walkers), and librarian cristin raccoon.

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