Sunday, 29 August 2010

Gold, Glorius Gold!

I'm trying a new method of collecting gold: Collecting! See what I do is I get any piece of clothing I DON'T want to keep and put it in the Bank. All the stuff I DO want to keep goes into the Shared Bank (Well okay not my fighting clothes- and I keep one Wand out.) and the housing goes -duh!- into my house. Meanwhile the Pets get a special spot in my Royal Estate by the pond thing, and I don't go into any shops. That's right. ANY shops. no bazaar, no robe shops, nada. zip. zilch. zero. ain divar*. once my Bank is full it stays in my Backpack. When they're both full, (And maybe somethings in the Shared Bank to.) I go on a selling spree at the Bazaar! Anything that cant be auctioned goes to Eloise merry weather. And then I buy my self a lioness. :)
*that's Hebrew for 'not anything'

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