Saturday, 28 August 2010

A Girl Makes History in the Commons

OK so last night this girl Erica Nightheart took her different accounts (all ten of them.) and lined up ten girls with the SAME pet, (a black and blue dragon named miss kitty) SAME clothes (black and blue novice clothing) SAME hair (long straight pink) and SAME face (pale, blue green eyed) and made history. So here is a picture:

Here's an interview* with me and her:
Me: What gave you this idea?
Erica: Well I made my first ever character like this and my mom loved it so she duplicated me.
Me:What do you hope to achieve by doing this?
Erica: I want to make history. No one's ever done this before.
Me: How did you get them all up without your computer crashing?
Erica: Guess what! Its magic!
Me: Someday I hope to do something like this.
Erica if I misquoted you I'm sorry. I was very tired last night. :D

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