Monday, 16 August 2010

On vacation/i got wizardblox/posted from A iPod!!!

Hi peeps I'm on vacation in sc posting from my sisters ipod in starbucks!!! Anyways I won't be able to call or worse yet play! Yes I knowand I sowish I could have broight my computwe bit it's not a laptop! (sorry about all the typos it's hard to write from an iPod) on a happier note I have reached lvl six on wizaardblox!!!!!!! I should go write pn my pther blog stories about camp half blood,whizh is all short stories so xya !!!!! Paul:can I have my iPod back now?
Autumn:no! I'm not done yet!
Diana:the rest of us never get turns if we let you go first. He has a point.
Alexis: she's right. When are you going to give me back the wand I lent you?
Autumn:omg!! I completely forgot about that sorry alexis! *hands alexiswand*
alexis: thanks autumn.
Autmn: ok fine here paul. *hands iPod back*
Paul:yay! :):)*plays wozardblox*
ok now I have to go for real. Bye!

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